Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Dress is Here!!!

I was so excited last Saturday to find out that my dress had finally come in!  Today I got to go by and try it on.  It was so exciting to know it was MY dress and NO one else would be putting it on.  It only needs a couple of minor alterations.  I made my next appointment to meet with the alterations lady for the end of February.  Whoo hoo!!!
After that, mom & I headed to the rental place where we picked out some super cool metal trees.  I realize that sounds really strange, but they are black with votives hanging from the leaves.  There will also be some super cool prisms hanging too.  Very classy.
I ended up at the parentals house due to the brake lights on my car going out, so we made lemonade out of that lemon and got to ordering some other items.  I found some awesome Kate Spade toasting flutes that I really wanted as well as some napkins and the cake serving/cutting tools.  The Kate Spade toasting flutes were my splurge item.  I really wanted them.  They were pricey, but I found a discount coupon in my email for, so my pricey item ended up being EXTREMELY discounted.  Making me feel less guilty about ordering it and making daddy feel better about spending the money. hehe...  I think we may have to make him watch Father of the Bride yet... :)
It was an exciting day.  I'm still ready to jump to June, but we've still got several things going on before then.  It'll be here soon enough.  (I just keep telling myself that.)

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